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"... Dagmar Feyen's cerebral 'Evolutions,' livened by Sonia Lee's imaginative articulation."

-  Aliénor News & Notes

"[A] soloist who acquitted herself admirably in her performance..."

"Lee was held to a very high standard of playing."

- Culture, McGill Daily

"... in addition to the pieces mentioned above, were Sonia Lee's masterly performance of an intense Toccata by Kent Holliday..."

-  Aliénor News & Notes

"Ms Lee is a fine harpsichordist and brings a kind of puckish wit to her performance. The orchestra plays with spirit. The sound is full-bodied and warm."
- American Record Guide

"The program notes caused some confusion because they were not for the quartet played but rather for the other Paris Quartet in E minor, No. 12, TWV 43.e4. What was not confusing was the elegant and vivacious playing of flutist Jessica Petrasek, violinist Anne-Marie Brown, cellist Alexander East, and harpsichordist Sonia Lee. "

"Sonia's concert of D'Anglebert and Frescobaldi was a big success..."
"They loved the music."
- Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society Newsletter, USA

"Special guest harpsichordist Sonia Lee gave a brilliant performance to an enraptured audience."
- Early Music Colorado Quarterly

"Ms. Lee upheld the high standard of performing that Italian music lovers, tourists, and critics have come to expect from the Rome Festival."
 - Fritz Maraffi, Director of the Rome Festival Orchestra & Opera

"Instruments by Klinkhamer & Partners, Paul Irvin, Norman Sheppard, David Sutherland and Knight Vernon... were ably played by Sonia Lee."
-  Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society Newsletter

"She used Vernon's French double and the program included Buxtehude and a surprisingly interesting work by Nicolas Lebègue. Lee appears already as a polished performer in spite of her young age. She very ably demonstrated instruments during the previous MHKS meeting in Saint Paul, Minnesota, last year."
-  Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society Newsletter

"... and Peter Machajdik's atmospheric 'Flower Full of Gardens,' nicely rendered by harpsichordist Sonia Lee."
- Early Music America Magazine

"The following lecture-recital 'Accompanying the Scordatura Violin: Performance Practice Issues in Biber's Mystery Sonatas' began with Sonia Lee reading her prepared remarks.  The presentation centered on meantone temperament and scordatura tunings... the performance was very nice indeed."
- Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society Newsletter

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